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Actions to Fulfill Recommendations
Pages 34-37

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From page 34...
... Therefore the committee reiterates its primary recommendation that highest priority be given to implementing the National STORM Program in order to fulfill the recommendations made in Chapter 4. The goals of STORM are • Ib advance the fundamental understanding of precipitation and other mesoscale meteorological processes and of their role in the hydrological cycle, and • To improve the 0- to 48-hour prediction of precipitation and severe weather events.
From page 35...
... STORM proposes that a national numerical weather prediction test facility be established at the National Meteorological Center. The principal purpose of this facility will be to test, in an operational environment, the most promising numerical weather prediction models developed by the research community.
From page 36...
... While the economic benefits promised by a successful STORM program are substantial, the potential benefits of increased protection of human life are even more impressive. Currently, the combination of flash floods, lightning, tornadoes, and weather-related transportation accidents accounts for much needless loss of life and personal injury each year.
From page 37...
... 37 The time to act is now. If full advantage is to be taken of the new observational capabilities and the mounting scientific expertise, and if this advantage is to be successfully translated into improved operational forecast and warning capabilities and into improved understanding of mesoscale processes important in global and regional climate, then the National STORM Program, first proposed in 1983, should be put into action without further delay.

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