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1 Introduction
Pages 8-10

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... However, in 2011, Congress mandated an independent peer review of the toxicologic assessment of inorganic arsenic by the National Research Council before EPA takes any action to make its IRIS assessment final. In response to the mandate, EPA withdrew its draft cancer assessment and announced plans to redo the toxicologic assessment to include cancer and noncancer effects.
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... As requested by Congress, the committee will also determine whether the arsenic document reflects recommendations made in Chapter 7 of the 2011 NRC report on formaldehyde for improving descriptions of methods and criteria for selecting studies, approaches to evaluating critical studies, weight-of-evidence analyses, and justification of modeling approaches in IRIS assessments. RECOMMENDATIONS FROM PREVIOUS NATIONAL RESEARCH COUNCIL COMMITTEES EPA has made clear that two National Research Council reports will influence how it conducts its assessment of inorganic arsenic.
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... , which clearly reflect the agency's intent to address the recommendations of previous National Research Council committees (NRC 2009, 2011)

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