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6 Integration of Technology Development with the Science Program
Pages 31-34

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From page 31...
... Although technology development activities are a part of all four divisional sections, the write-up of only two of them -- i.e., Earth Science and Planetary Science -- contain text specifically related to technology development. The Heliophysics section includes a brief mention of the consolidated Heliophysics Technology and Instrument Development for Science program -- in response to the 2013 solar and space physics decadal survey's DRIVE initiative -- is a positive step.
From page 32...
... Other than a single sentence early in the draft Science Plan -- i.e., "For the development of crosscutting, advanced and pioneering new space technologies that can be leveraged by the entire agency" 4 -- there is no discussion of the demarcation between technology development within the STMD and within the technology program in Planetary Science Division or any of SMD's other three divisions. Similarly, many of the technologies discussed within the first paragraph in the section entitled "Planetary Science Technology Program," such as power generation, propulsion, navigation, and aerocapture, do not seem to fit within the scope of PICASSO or MatISSE instrument development programs.
From page 33...
... 2011. Planetary Science Technology Review Panel: Final Report.

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