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Appendix A: Meeting Agendas and Other Inputs to the Study
Pages 109-111

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... Dorais, Moderator, MathOverflow, Representatives and John Wesley Young Research of Mathematical Instructor, Department of Mathematics, Information Resources Dartmouth College Michael Trott, Senior Researcher, Wolfram Paul Ginsparg, Founder,, and Professor of Physics, Cornell University (via WebEx) Discussion of Study Donald McClure, Executive Director, American Goals with Major Mathematical Society Professional Societies James Crowley, Executive Director, Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics 109
From page 110...
... 110 DEVELOPING A 21ST CENTURY MATHEMATICS LIBRARY Discussion with David Lipman, Director of the National Center Representatives of for Biotechnology Information Digital Libraries Wayne Graves, Director of the Office of Outside of Information Systems at the Association for Mathematics Computing Machinery MEETING 2 FEBRUARY 19-20, 2013 WASHINGTON, D.C. Current State of Michael Kohlhase, Professor of Computer Semantic Libraries and Science, Jacobs University in Bremen, Active Documents Germany Searching Outside of Herb Roitblat, Chief Scientist and Chief Mathematics Technology Officer, OrcaTec Building Infrastructure Andrew McCallum, Professor of Computer for Digital Libraries Science, University of Massachusetts, Amherst Crowdsourcing in Antony Williams, Vice President of Strategic Chemistry Development, Royal Society of Chemistry MEETING 3 MAY 6, 2013 MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA Input on Desired Participants included: Capabilities from Kris Fowler the Mathematics Andrew Odlyzko Community George Sell MEETING 4 MAY 30-31, 2013 EVANSTON, ILLINOIS Discussion with Michael Trott, Senior Researcher, Wolfram Representatives of Mathematical Information Resources
From page 111...
... APPENDIX A 111 Scale and Cost of John Wilkin, Associate University Librarian, Running a Large Library Information Technology, University Digital Library of Michigan Input on Desired Participants included: Capabilities from Patrick Allen the Mathematics Dean Baskin Community Anna Marie Bohmann Yanxia Deng Honghaw Gai Elton Hsu Ben Knudsen Chao Liang Clark Robinson Melissa Tacy

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