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4 Some Applications of High-Power High-Frequency Facilities
Pages 38-40

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... systems that could be needed to protect commercial and military satellites if, for example, the radiation belts were "pumped" as a result of an accidental or deliberate high altitude nuclear explosion, or from a Carrington-type space weather event.1 IMPROVED TRANSMISSION THROUGH THE IONOSPHERE At several points in the workshop, participants considered the potential role of heaters in general and HAARP in particular for experiments that would yield information that could be used to improve satellite communication. The plasma irregularities in the ionosphere have long been known to seriously degrade communications and navigation signals from satellites.
From page 39...
... A workshop participant stated that by using HAARP, natural-looking plasma disturbances can be produced at the time that equipment is to be tested for radio scintillation mitigation. IMPROVED REFLECTION FROM THE IONOSPHERE HF communications and HF radar systems rely on the ionosphere to refract or scatter ground transmissions back to the ground.
From page 40...
... Bernhardt stated that the HAARP transmitter has been used to demonstrate that induced sideband distortions of transmitted HF waves can be found at frequencies as low as 7 Hz and as high as 110 kHz for magnetic stimulated Brillouin scatter, stimulated ion Bernstein decay, lower- and upper-hybrid parametric decay, ion-acoustic and electron plasma wave parametric decay, and other modes. He further noted that for transmissions near the harmonics of the electron cyclotron wave, the sideband generation can be very pronounced.

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