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5 HAARP Diagnostic Instrumentation
Pages 41-44

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From page 41...
... This receiver is installed on site, approximately 1 mile from the HAARP transmitter array. It suffers from interference when the HAARP HF transmitters are on, but it can be used to monitor the ELF/VLF background when the HAARP HF transmitters are off.
From page 42...
... The radar could be repaired and an upgraded timing system could be installed to allow synchronization with the HAARP HF transmitter, and two additional receiver channels could be installed to enable the simultaneous observations of ion-acoustic and up- and downshifted Langmuir waves. Optical Instruments at HAARP • All-sky imagers.
From page 43...
... The location in Homer allows the observation of plasma irregularities generated in the E region above the HAARP HF transmitter. RELEVANT SATELLITE MISSIONS In situ observations of the HF radio-plasma interaction region can be made by instruments carried on sounding rockets and satellites.
From page 44...
... • HAARP HF radar. Other participants pointed out that the HAARP HF transmitter and array could be upgraded to allow operation of all and/or part of the array as a coherent HF radar system, complementing other radars with HF radar capabilities in the 2 to 10 MHz range.

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