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7 Costs Associated with HAARP Future Operations or Closure
Pages 47-48

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... REMEDIATION Colonel John Haynes stated that were no remediation costs associated with HAARP under the bill of sale. However, workshop participants also were informed of an environmental impact statement, recently signed-off by the Secretary of the Air Force, that states that at such time that the HAARP program is terminated, all structures are to be removed, gravel pads are to be flattened out, and the entire 1 As noted in Chapter 6, the code 6.2 refers to Applied Research, and 6.3 to Advanced Technology Development (6.3)
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... The pre-college education mission rests on long-term partnerships with K-12 institutions to expose teachers to engineering and deliver engineering concepts and experiences to their classrooms to stimulate student interest in engineering careers." 3 • The Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR) program office supports infrastructure in EPSCoR jurisdiction states.

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