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Appendix B: Workshop Agenda
Pages 52-54

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... Kent Miller, Air Force Office of Scientific Research Rich Behnke, National Science Foundation Science and HF Active Experiments -- Background for Workshop 9:00 Current HF Experiments and Capabilities Related to Workshop Statement of Task Dennis Papadopoulos, University of Maryland Dave Hysell, Cornell University Paul Bernhardt, Naval Research Laboratory 10:00 Questions and Comments 10:45 Magnetosphere-Ionosphere-Thermosphere Science Objectives: Guidance from the Decadal Survey, CEDAR/GEM, and Geo Vision Josh Semeter, Boston University 11:20 Moderated Discussion: Development of Topics for Extended Discussion in the Four Workshop Focus Areas Elizabeth Kendall, SRI International 12:30 pm Working Lunch 52
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... Larry Paxton, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory Meers Oppenheim, Boston University Joe Huba, Naval Research Laboratory Rob Pfaff, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center 4:45 Moderated Discussion: The Significance and Relevance of Current and Potential Contributions of HF Research to FA-II (in context of the statement of task) John Foster, MIT Haystack Observatory 5:45 Adjourn for the Day 6:00 Committee Dinner for Organizers and Invited Guests May 21, 2013 Focus Area III: HF Contributions to M-I-T Science: Magnetospheric Physics 8:30 am Overview of Basic Issues in Magnetospheric Physics (15-minute presentations)
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... Todd Pedersen, Air Force Research Laboratory Evgeny Mishin, Air Force Research Laboratory 12:00 pm Working Lunch 1:00 Moderated Discussion: The Significance and Relevance of Current and Potential Contributions of HF Research to FA-IV (in context of the statement of task) Paul Bernhardt, Naval Research Laboratory 2:10 Additional Topics for Workshop Discussion • Emerging science questions that could benefit from HF modification experiments • The role of collocated incoherent scatter radars • Applications and the impact of HF experiments on space weather, communications, and other areas in the national interest 3:15 Examining the Costs, Benefits, Trades, and Key Issues among the Options Identified in the Workshop 4:00 Wrap-up: Summarize Key Take-Away Items for Further Exploration 4:30 Workshop Adjourns May 22, 2013 8:30 am Organizing Committee Convenes • Recap • Next Steps for Production of Workshop Summary 12:00 pm Adjourn/Lunch 54

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