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Appendix D: Committee Biographical Information
Pages 56-60

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... His ionospheric modification experiments have been monitored with Incoherent Scatter Radar (ISR) systems around the world and with in situ plasma probes provided by NRL's Plasma Physics Division.
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... Her research interests include physics of the ionosphere, magnetosphere, and thermosphere; space weather and geomagnetic storm time effects; coupling between the lower and upper atmosphere; GPS positioning and measurement accuracy; radio wave propagation effects; and meteor detection and analysis. She is a co-principal investigator on the NSF supported Millstone Hill Geospace facility award and a principal investigator/co-principal investigator on a numerous projects involving the use of GPS to probe the atmosphere, including investigations of the plasmaspheric boundary layer, stratospheric warming, and the ionosphere over the Antarctic.
From page 58...
... using incoherent scatter radars, satellites, and optical instruments together with physics based numerical models. Another major topic of research has been in the general area of incoherent scatter radar theory, for example, exploring ways to improve the experimental techniques in order to improve both the precision and accuracy of the radar observations.
From page 59...
... Mission and the CRESS Mission and has directed numerous projects under NSF, DOE, and DOD sponsorship. He is a discoverer of spontaneously created magnetic fields in laser-produced plasmas, and his work on ionospheric heating and ELF/VLF generation using HF radio-waves interacting with the ionosphere spurred the construction of the HAARP heating facility in Alaska and to the associated applications in low-frequency communications, underground imaging and Radiation Belt control.
From page 60...
... In addition to contributing to NRC reports, he is the author of research papers in the field of molecular spectroscopy; reports on arms control and space policy; and the monograph, Continental Air Defense: A Neglected Dimension of Strategic Defense (University Press of America, 1990)

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