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Appendix B: National Research Council Board Rosters
Pages 189-192

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From page 189...
... RAMBERG, Penn State Applied Research Lab, Washington, DC MARTIN D SMITH, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina MARGARET SPRING, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Monterey, California DON WALSH, International Maritime Incorporated, Myrtle Point, Oregon DOUGLAS WARTZOK, Florida International University, Miami LISA D
From page 190...
... H FEELEY, ExxonMobil Exploration Company, Houston, Texas Staff SUSAN ROBERTS, Board Director CLAUDIA MENGELT, Senior Program Officer DEBORAH GLICKSON, Senior Program Officer STACEE KARRAS, Research Associate PAMELA LEWIS, Administrative Coordinator SHUBHA BANSKOTA, Financial Associate PAYTON KULINA, Program Assistant POLAR RESEARCH BOARD Members JAMES W
From page 191...
... VELEZ, Peter Velez Engineering, LLC Staff W SCOTT BROTEMARKLE, Director TIMOTHY DEVLIN, Senior Program Assistant 191 R02581 -- Oil Spills.indd 191 7/17/14 11:16 AM
From page 192...
... R02581 -- Oil Spills.indd 192 7/17/14 11:16 AM

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