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6 Closing Remarks
Pages 55-58

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From page 55...
... The following topics were highlighted by roundtable members as key takeaways from the presentations they heard. POPULATION HEALTH AND EQUITY A theme throughout many of the presentations was the close relationship between health and equity.
From page 56...
... One member reiterated the points made about how bringing health into the picture sometimes helps raise the acceptability or credibility of a non-health initiative, and that those health implications can be extra leverage to help other sectors move their policies or initiatives forward. Several roundtable members observed that there was a lot of discussion about the public sector role in the Health in All Policies (HiAP)
From page 57...
... A member added that people should be encouraged to publish their work in this area, so that promising practices and success stories can be shared. Several individual participants raised concerns about a comment and example given by Ho indicating that, according to federal guidelines, a discretionary program that creates a cost savings in a mandatory program cannot use that as a justification for funding of the discretionary program.
From page 58...
... The point was made that the problem needs to be clearly defined, as does exactly what any movement is trying to achieve. Also, several individual participants commented that there is much focus on the physical determinants of health, when perhaps what is needed is more focus on the social, economic, and environmental policies that ultimately impact health.

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