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Appendix B: Agenda
Pages 63-68

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... 8:30 am Welcome and Context  George Isham, Co-Chair, Roundtable on Population Health Improvement 8:45 am Workshop Overview and Opening Remarks  Pamela Russo, Senior Program Officer, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation; chair, workshop planning committee; member, Roundtable on Population Health Improvement 63
From page 64...
... Environmental Protection Agency Beth Osborne Deputy Assistant Secretary for Transportation Policy U.S. Department of Transportation CAPT Kimberly Elenberg Deputy Director for Population Health and Medical Management Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs Office of the Chief Medical Officer U.S.
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... Moderator: James Knickman, President, New York State Health Foundation; member, workshop planning committee; member, Roundtable on Population Health Improvement Ned Codd Director of Project-Oriented Planning Office of Transportation Planning Massachusetts Department of Transportation Freddy L Collier, Jr.
From page 66...
... Chief, Policy Unit Office of Health Equity California Department of Public Health 3:40 pm Panel III discussion with roundtable members Moderator: Phyllis Meadows
From page 67...
... APPENDIX B 67 4:40 pm Reflections on the day, discussion, and opportunity for public comment  David Kindig, Co-Chair of the Roundtable on Population Health Improvement 5:00 pm Adjourn Project website for the Roundtable on Population Health Improvement: The website provides listserv sign-up, information on upcoming meetings, meeting materials such as presentations, webcasts, and roundtable products.

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