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1 Introduction
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... Decision and policy making in areas such as trans portation, housing, and education at different levels of government, and in the private sector, can have far-reaching impacts on health. Throughout the United States there has been increasing dialogue on incorporating a health perspective into policies, programs, and projects outside the health field, including a recent Institute of Medicine (IOM)
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... . The workshop planning committee was chaired by Pamela Russo, senior program officer at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and included Terry Allan, Dawn Alley, Marice Ashe, James Knickman, Phyllis Meadows, Martin Sepúlveda, and Aaron Wernham.
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... Second, what are the challenges agencies and organizations face in incorporating health considerations in their policies and programs, and are there best practices for achieving benefits that can be shared? Third, should the focus of HiAP be exclusively on incorporating health considerations in policies, or would combining health with, for example, equity and sustainability be more likely to improve population health, by also reducing disparities and addressing upstream causes of poor health?

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