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1 Introduction
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... Through presentations and discussions, the workshop examined successes and areas for improvement within current regulatory programs for assessing industrial chemical safety, frameworks for chemical prioritization to inform targeted testing and risk management strategies, concepts of sustainability and green chemistry that support the design and use of safer alternatives, and efforts to reduce the risk of chemicals in our society. The workshop statement of task is provided in Box 1-1.
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... mental Health Sciences, Research, and Medicine is to provide a mechanism for interested parties in environmental health to meet and discuss sensitive and difficult environmental issues in a neutral setting. The Roundtable fosters rigorous dialogue about these issues, but it does not provide recommendations or even try to find a consensus on these issues.
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... • Much of the discussion focused on the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) of 1976,2 with individual workshop participants agreeing that a legislative update could greatly improve the regulatory process for industrial chemicals in the United States.

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