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3 Future Opportunities
Pages 43-44

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... The data sets and products thus of permafrost properties. Several participants said that derived -- and necessarily calibrated and validated with current remote sensing observations and derived data field measurements -- would allow parameterization sets will be used in innovative ways to map aspects of and development of more realistic permafrost models permafrost landscapes or indirectly infer subsurface than would otherwise be possible.
From page 44...
... are likely to come from studies based on the use of As discussed by numerous participants, progress in airborne instrumentation coupled with field measure- improving models -- both land surface/subsurface perments used for calibration and validation efforts and mafrost and hydrological models and remote sensing associated model development. For example, P-band models for developing advanced retrieval algorithms -- stripmap SAR data can be acquired across large regions, must be made in the immediate future.

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