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Appendix B: Workshop Agenda and Participant List
Pages 63-68

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... The goal of this workshop is to explore opportunities for using remote sensing to advance our understanding of permafrost status and trends and the impacts of permafrost change, especially on ecosystems and the carbon cycle in the high latitudes. Attendees at the workshop will address questions such as how remote sensing might be used in innovative ways, how it might enhance our ability to document long-term trends, whether it is possible to integrate remote sensing products with the ground-based observations and assimilate them into advanced Arctic system models, what are the expectations of the quality and spatial and temporal resolution possible through such approaches, and what prototype sensors (e.g., the airborne UAVSAR, AIRSWOT (InSAR)
From page 64...
... Goals and objectives of the workshop Prasad Gogineni, University of Kansas Vladimir Romanovsky, University of Alaska Fairbanks, Co-Chairs 8:50 a.m. Setting the stage: Lessons from ESA DUE Claude Duguay, University of Waterloo SESSION 1 Moderator: Vladimir Romanov Usign remote sensing to better understand permafrost properties (distribution, ice content, thermal state, active layer thickness, etc.)
From page 65...
... Break 3:30 p.m. In situ How to integrate remote sensing with in situ measurements and modeling/reanalysis?
From page 66...
...  First Breakout Group Session: Breakouts focusing on compiling a table that captures what is currently possible to measure using remote sensing to study permafrost and what is needed and/or possible for the future. See Tab D in the briefing book for more details.
From page 67...
... Geological Survey Reginald Muskett University of Alaska Fairbanks Dan Nossar University of Alaska Fairbanks Santosh Panda University of Alaska Fairbanks Tamlin Pavelsky University of North Carolina Anupma Prakash University of Alaska Fairbanks Bernhard Rabus MDA Corporation Vladimir Romanovsky* University of Alaska Fairbanks Kevin Schaefer National Snow and Ice Data Center Ted Schuur University of Florida Alexei Skurikhin Los Alamos National Laboratory
From page 68...
... 68 APPENDIX B David Swanson National Park Service Isabella Velicogna University of California Skip Walker University of Alaska Fairbanks Simon Yueh Jet Propulsion Laboratory * committee member

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