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... • Longer-term surface subsidence Many workshop discussions focused on using • Thermokarst distribution remote sensing technologies to measure various per- • Surface water bodies (including dynamics, mafrost properties and processes and other ecological redistribution) characteristics that can be used to achieve better under- • Surficial geology-terrain units (including standing of permafrost and its dynamics.
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... The participants dis- ization, and parameterization, and thus the advancecussed the utility of remote sensing observations, both ment of more realistic permafrost models than would from existing sensors and those expected in the near otherwise be possible. Taken together, field measurefuture, and that it could be advanced through syner- ments, remote sensing–derived maps of properties, and gistic approaches that would permit derivation of data improved models would advance our understanding products characterizing critical permafrost properties and prediction of the state of permafrost landscapes and across spatial scales.

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