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... The dominant sources of uncertainty stem from our inability to predict future economic and technological developments that will determine the global demand for energy and the attractiveness of fossil fuels. We think it most likely that atmospheric CO2 concentration will pass 600 ppm (the nominal doubling of the recent level)
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... l0. Analysis of the effects of a warmer and drier climate on rainfed agriculture in the United States suggests that over the next couple of decades negative effects of climate change and positive effects from C02 fertilization both will be modest and will approximately balance.
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... However, a number of inferences seem clear: (a) Rapid climate change will take its place among the numerous other changes that will influence the course of society, and these other changes may largely determine whether the climatic impacts of greenhouse gases are a serious problem.
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... While our studies focused chiefly on C(^, fragmentary evidence suggests that non-CO2 greenhouse gases may be as important a set of determinants as CO2 itself. While the costs of climate change from non-CO2 gases would be the same as those from CO2, the control of emissions of some non-CO2 gases may be more easily achieved.

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