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Appendix C: Summary of Questionnaire Responses
Pages 199-204

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From page 199...
... The questionnaire was distributed to various NRC boards and committees (including the Polar Research Board, Ocean Studies Board, Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate, Space Studies Board, Board on Environmental Change and Society, and Marine Board) ; e-mail distribution lists such as ArcticInfo, Arctic Monitor, IASSA, CLIMLIST, CRYOLIST, Paleoclimate List, APECS, and USARC Arctic Update; the U.S.
From page 200...
... A variety of disciplines and expertise was represented. 9% 35% Graduate student 24% Early career Mid-career Late career 32% FIGURE C.2 The largest percentage of respondents considered themselves to be late career (25+ years post terminal degree)
From page 201...
... 1% 1% 1% 1% 1% United States 2% Canada 2% 4% 3% Norway 3% United Kingdom Russia Sweden 11% Germany Australia 70% Denmark Greenland France Others FIGURE C.4 By far, most questionnaire respondents were from the United States, although a number of other countries are also represented. Canada has the second largest representation in this questionnaire.
From page 202...
... • Human and ecosystem connections and community involvement (including indigenous knowledge and citizen science) • Infrastructure needs • Arctic system and linkages with the Earth system (including climate change and Arctic impacts as well as feedbacks)
From page 203...
... The committee considered them in their deliberations and used their expert judgment, as well as other community input, into the development of the questions presented in Chapter 3.

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