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6 Reflections on the Presentations and Discussions
Pages 91-96

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From page 91...
... In his view, health literacy needs to be prioritized by public health departments, perhaps within their communication divisions. McGarry added that the project on integrating primary care in public health mounted by the Association of State and Territorial Health Officers offers a great opportunity for the medical and public health communities to work together to achieve common health 91
From page 92...
... Parnell agreed with Alvarado-Little's comments and said that cultural humility and access to language services are an essential part of health literacy. Fowler observed that there are many opportunities to promote health literacy within public health departments.
From page 93...
... Public health departments play a major role in this process, but they require resources to become fully equipped to assume these responsibilities, Robinson said. Hall observed that there was a recurring theme throughout the day, "What gets measured gets managed." In the context of informed consent, she noted that such consent was obtained to protect providers and organizations from lawsuits.
From page 94...
... For example, she said, they both need to address workforce training issues; involve the communities they serve and the target audiences of their messages; use models and tools to make their work easier; and address the challenges of adoption and dissemination. She found it heartening to see how the attributes of a health-literate organization, which was developed with health care delivery organizations in mind, appeared to have relevance and be helpful to those leading the way in public health.
From page 95...
... He added that there was no intention to criticize public health. He said the authors of the commissioned paper decided to characterize the extent to which public health departments had decided that health literacy was important enough to highlight so that when the investigators called or e-mailed, their front office person would be able to identify someone connected to health literacy within the organization.
From page 96...
... Isham said that Pleasant's background paper provided important information on the crisis facing contemporary public health departments in terms of both resources and skills. The attributes of a health-literate health care organization need to be adapted and expanded to be relevant to public health organizations, Isham said.

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