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4 Outpatient After-Visit Summaries
Pages 27-32

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... Reactions to this presentation came from Rachel Solotaroff, medical director at Central City Concern, and Alice Horowitz, research assistant professor at the University of Maryland School of Public Health. VA LOMA LINDA HEALTHCARE SYSTEM AFTER-VISIT SUMMARY1 The Veterans Health Administration (VHA)
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... The "Today's Visit" section includes the provider's name and office contact information, the reason for the visit and current problem list, vital signs, a list of diagnostic tests pending, future scheduled tests, immunizations of medications administered during the visit, and referrals to other providers. The "Important Notes" section lists clinical instructions, future appointments, recommended patient decision aids, and remote appointments that account for the fact that many VHA patients spend winters and summers in different parts of the country.
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... REACTIONS AND DISCUSSION Rachel Solotaroff2 Central City Concern, the organization that Rachel Solotaroff works for, is a broad-based social service agency whose mission is to provide comprehensive solutions to ending homelessness and achieving self-sufficiency. As Solotaroff explained, Central City Concern is not a health care organization per se, but there is a high degree of substance abuse and mental illness in the population that it serves, so medical care is an important component of its mission.
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... Take each day as it comes, and I am amazed at your strength." Alice Horowitz3 Alice Horowitz described a feasibility study she and her colleagues conducted to determine the user friendliness of community-based dental clinics in Maryland. This project consisted of a health literacy environmental scan of 26 community-based dental clinics using methods developed by Rima Rudd and Jennie Anderson (Rudd and Anderson, 2006)
From page 31...
... Their survey found that 18 of the 26 clinics used EHRs, though only three of these clinics -- all operating under the umbrella of a federally qualified health center -- integrated their dental EHR with the patient's medical EHR. "The lack of integration causes terrible barriers, both for the patient and for all kinds of providers," she said, particularly when it comes to decreasing early childhood caries because accomplishing that goal requires the entire health care team (medical and dental)
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... Solotaroff responded that behavioral health is several decades ahead of primary care in terms of understanding patient-centered goals. When her organization was designing its system, it looked at seven domains of an individual's life that lead to self-sufficiency: physical health, substance use, mental health, housing, legal involvement, employment or income, and worldview (a way of getting at the issue of hope)

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