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6 Reflections on the Workshop
Pages 43-46

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From page 43...
... "We need to recognize that one size does not fit all," said Parson. Lori Hall, consultant for health education at Eli Lilly and Company, added that the discharge plan is a tool and cannot replace the human element when educating patients about the various aspects of their care after discharge.
From page 44...
... He was reminded, too, that discharge information and health education are a shared responsibility that involves primarily physicians, but also includes nurses, community health workers, and health coaches, and that the design of this tool needs to consider all of these as both sources of information and health educators. He also noted that a key piece of information for many patients is what is new or different about their condition and what to do about that.
From page 45...
... Patrick McGarry was concerned that there was no mention at the workshop of how the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act affects the transmission of electronic data in EHRs. He also echoed the concern of his roundtable colleagues that the effectiveness of these documents to truly inform a patient must be demonstrated.
From page 46...
... "That is a sign that our health systems need to approach patients differently in the modern age. You cannot do it the same old way with the same old technology and the same old professional skills in the complex modern world and not feel overwhelmed," said Isham.

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