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Appendix A: Workshop Agenda
Pages 49-52

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... Josh Seidman, Ph.D. Consultant Independent  Brookings Accountable Care Organization Learning Network 49
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... Associate Professor of Medicine  University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 9:40–10:15 Discussion 10:15–10:30 BREAK 10:30–12:15 PANEL 2: Inpatient Discharge Summaries 10:30–10:35 Panel Introductions George Isham 10:35–10:55  resentation: Key Elements and Formatting P for Discharge Instructions Mark Williams, M.D., FACP D  irector, Center for Health Services Research UK Healthcare 10:55–11:40 Reactions 10:55–11:10 Benard Dreyer, M.D. Professor of Pediatrics  New York University School of Medicine
From page 51...
... Associate Professor of Medicine  Loma Linda University School of Medicine 1:55–2:40 Reactions 1:55–2:10  Solotaroff, M.D., Rachel M.C.R.  Medical Director, Central City Concern Portland, Oregon 2:10–2:25 Ruth Parker, M.D.
From page 52...
... Associate Professor of Medicine Boston University School of Medicine 3:55–4:15 Discharge Instructions: Patient Values and Challenges M.D. Charles Lee, President and Founder Polyglot Systems, Inc.

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