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7-A Annexes: Examples to Illustrate the Framework
Pages 283-286

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From page 283...
... These various instances demonstrate how an analytical framework that includes health, environmental, social, and economic domains is necessary for conducting more accurate assessments of any potential change to the food system. The committee chose six examples (see Box 7-A-1)
From page 284...
... A baseline scenario could be one that is mostly reliant on mineral fertilizers without the use of methods to increase nitrogen uptake and retention. For comparison, an alternative cropping system could be less reliant on mineral nitrogen fertilizer and emphasize biological nitrogen fixation, manure and organic matter, amendments, cover crops, and perennial crops.
From page 285...
... For instance, the example on fruits and vegetables focuses on the number and diversity of actors that drive the system, whereas the nitrogen example highlights the need for intense data collection over time and geographical locations. It should also be noted that the example on policies on animal welfare dealing with commercial egg production is the only example for which a team of assessors is currently conducting an assessment.

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