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Part II: Effects of the U.S. Food System
Pages 83-84

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From page 83...
... In the committee's view, such a system should support human health; be nutrition ally adequate and affordable and provide accessible food for all in a manner that provides a decent living for farmers and farm workers; and protect natural resources and animal welfare while minimizing environmental impacts. However, the activities that take place as we produce, process, consume, and dispose of food have positive and negative consequences in many realms of our physical and economic system, ranging from the more direct -- providing nutrients needed for life -- to the more indirect ones -- contributing to changes in climate.
From page 84...
... All of these features contribute to various challenges such as establishing boundaries, attributing cause and effect, and identifying mechanistic pathways of effects. Part II is written as a background piece with brief descriptions of selected effects and complexities; for those selected, no systematic review of their potential associations with the food system was conducted.

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