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Marijuana and Health (1982) / Chapter Skim
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Pages 169-170

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From page 169...
... The chronology of the panel meetings follows. February 3, l98l: Panel on Behavioral and Psychosocial Issues met in Washington February l8, l98l: Panel on Neurobiological Issues met in Washington February 26, l98l: Panel on Cardiovascular and Respiratory Issues met in New York City February 27, l98l: Panel on Genetic/Oncogenic/Cytogenetic Issues met in Washington March ll, l98l: Panel on Reproductive and Fetal Issues met in Boston March l6, l98l: Subpanel on Intrapersonal Variables and Social Behavior of the Panel on Behavioral and Psychosocial Issues met in Los Angeles March 23, l98l: Panel on Cell Biology/Pharmacological and Immunological Issues met in Boston April l4, l98l: Panel on Behavioral and Psychosocial Issues met in Washington The steering committee, in the meantime, nominated additional candidates for membership on the panels and committee at its first meeting on December l, l980.
From page 170...
... submitted statements about their personal experiences and observations. Included among the groups that responded are the National Federation of Parents for Drug Free Youth, Georgia Congress of Parents and Teachers, the American Lung Association, Drug Information Program of the Crusade Against Crime, the Committees of Correspondence, Phoenix House Foundation, and Pride.

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