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Marijuana and Health (1982) / Chapter Skim
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Pages 186-193

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From page 186...
... In general, all effects but those on the lungs are transitory. The changes in the lungs of humans after ingestion appear to be dose-related: small amounts of the swallowed chemical may cause modest and reversible lung damage; in contrast, larger quantities cause lethal pulmonary fibrosis.
From page 187...
... The results suggested that a typical marijuana cigarette contaminated at approximately 500 ppm -- a reasonable degree of contamination -- would produce smoke containing up to l mg of paraquat. This experimental evidence has led to the prediction that a human smoker of five marijuana cigarettes per day would expose the lungs to approximately 5 mg of paraquat.
From page 188...
... Paraquat suicide in a young woman: Results of therapy directed against the superoxide radical.

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