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Marijuana and Health (1982) / Chapter Skim
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Pages 6-11

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From page 6...
... . Scientific controversy and public confusion about marijuana continue unabated and perhaps even are expanding, notwithstanding numerous reports on the topic from authoritative agencies and organizations (Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Annual Reports from the Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare to the Congress on Marijuana and Health; Fehr, et al., Cannabis: Adverse Effects on Health, l980a; Tinklenberg, Marijuana and Health Hazards and Marijuana in the '80s, a report of the Council on Scientific Affairs, the American Medical Association, l980)
From page 7...
... identify promising new research directions, and make suggestions to improve the quality and usefulness of future research; 5. draw conclusions from this review that would accurately assess the limits of present knowledge and thereby provide a factual, scientific basis for the development of future government policy.
From page 8...
... In the intervals between these meetings, the panels held their own independent sessions and various ad hoc working groups met as necessary. The chairman and members of the committee staff were invited observers at the Conference on Adverse Health and Behavioral Consequences of Cannabis Use, which was sponsored by the Addiction Research Foundation (ARF)
From page 9...
... The various statements included many opinions and much anecdotal evidence from laymen and scientists. The committee took note of this material, but has not cited any of it in this report unless it was supported by published data in the scientific literature.
From page 10...
... Cannabis sativa, also called hemp, is an herbaceous annual plant that readily grows in temperate climates. Depending on the geographic region, and other considerations, the various natural preparations of cannabis possess different physical characteristics and concentrations of cannabinoids.
From page 11...
... Toronto: Addiction Research Foundation, l980. Report of Addiction Research Foundation/World Health Organization (ARF/WHO)

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