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Appendix C: Outreach Activities
Pages 64-65

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... These outreach activities included conversations with state environmental agency representatives, academic researchers, industry researchers and safety experts, community organizations, federal researchers in the Gulf region, and many others. The NAS, the Gulf Research Program's Advisory Board members, and the staff deeply appreciate the contributions from the many people we met over the past year.
From page 65...
... 24–27, 2014 Spitfire NGO Gulf Science Working Group Washington, DC Apr. 12, 2013 2014 International Oil Spill Conference Savannah, GA May 5–8, 2014 Bureau of Ocean Energy Management Outer Reston, VA May 13–15, 2013 Continental Shelf Scientific Committee Meeting Gulf Research Program Education & Training Tampa, FL June 9–10, 2014 Opportunity Analysis Workshop Gulf Research Program Advisory Group Meeting Tampa, FL June 11–12, 2014 Conference on Ecological and Ecosystem New Orleans, LA July 29–30, 2014 Restoration Gulf Research Program Environmental New Orleans, LA Sept.

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