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A7 Medusa's Ugly Head Again: From SARS to MERS-CoV--Trish M. Perl, Allison McGeer, and Connie Savor Price
Pages 181-183

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From page 181...
... In this issue of Annals, Arabi and colleagues (2014) report a consecutive series of 12 patients with severe respiratory failure, carbon dioxide retention, and extrapulmonary manifestations of sepsis requiring intensive care.
From page 182...
... Does health care transmission continue because of failure to adhere to infection control practices or despite practices previously believed to be adequate to control the transmission of infection? The concentration of vulnerable patients,
From page 183...
... Health care–associated MERS-CoV transmission to patients, workers, and visitors remains significant but is underplayed. Focus on the health care setting may prevent continued human-to-human transmission among at-risk patients.

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