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Appendix B: Agenda
Pages 285-288

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From page 285...
... Relman, James M Hughes, Lonnie King 8:45–9:30: KEYNOTE: Challenges and trends in emerging viral diseases: A global perspective Keiji Fukuda, The World Health Organization 9:30–10:00: DISCUSSION 10:00–10:30: BREAK SESSION I: OVERVIEW OF EMERGING VIRAL DISEASES Moderator: Peter Daszak 10:30–11:00: Global trends in emerging viral diseases of wildlife origin  Jonathan Sleeman, USGS National Wildlife Health Center 11:00–11:30: The relationship between eco-social system changes, the animal–human interface and viral disease emergence Dirk Pfeiffer, Royal Veterinary College 285
From page 286...
... Michael's Hospital, Toronto, Canada 4:45–5:30: DISCUSSION 5:30–5:45: SUMMARY AND CONCLUDING REMARKS 5:50: ADJOURNMENT
From page 287...
... Hughes 10:45–11:15:  Similarities and differences between the novel H7N9 and H5N1 influenza A viruses Ruben Donis, CDC 11:15–11:45:  on H7N9 virus infectivity and transmission in poultry Studies and field assessment of epidemiology and control David Swayne, USDA 11:45–12:15: E  pidemiology and characteristics of influenza A H7N9 infections Daniel Jernigan, CDC 12:15–12:45: DISCUSSION 12:45–1:30: LUNCH SESSION IV: HOW IS THE DOMESTIC AND INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY RESPONDING TO THESE VIRAL DISEASES? Moderator: Jeffrey Duchin 1:30–2:00: Responses to the emergence of H7N9: The OIE perspective Alex Thiermann, OIE
From page 288...
... 4:00–4:30:  pandemic risk assessment framework to triage animal A influenza viruses and minimize pathotyping studies Ruben Donis, CDC 4:30–5:00: DISCUSSION 5:00–5:15: CONCLUDING REMARKS 5:15: ADJOURNMENT

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