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1 Introduction
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... 3 in different health care settings and have raised questions about how best to ensure appropriate and effective use of different kinds of PPE (such as respirators) , not only to promote occupational safety but also to reduce disease transmission in general.
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... A separate planning committee was appointed to organize the workshop, which brought together representatives from federal, state, regional, and local government agencies; health care institutions (including clinics and hospitals) ; professional associations; device manufacturers; and health worker unions.5 BOX 1-1 The Use and Effectiveness of Powered Air Purifying Respirators in Health Care: A Workshop Statement of Task An ad hoc committee will plan and conduct a workshop to explore the current state of practices and research related to powered air puri fying respirators (PAPRs)
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... c. Strengths and weaknesses of various approaches to modi fying the PAPR certification requirements, through • Use of current NIOSH standards and certification processes • Potential enhancements to the PAPR certification standard that could be incorporated in 42 CFR 84 to provide improved health care worker protection • Use of the ISO standards for the certification of health care PAPRs.
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... The design and research needs for PAPRs intended for use by health care workers are discussed in Chapter 4. The workshop summary concludes in Chapter 5 with a synopsis of the workshop's major themes and discussions: • Improve PAPR design and standards by assessing risks and pro tective factors, identifying desired design attributes, and driving the market to meet health care needs; • Increase education and training; and • Strengthen implementation and use of PAPRs in health care.
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... 6 In addition to the IOM workshop, NPPTL sought comments on PAPR standards for health care workers through the Federal Register docket, and some of the workshop presenters noted these comments in their remarks (CDC, 2014b)

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