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... INDUSTRIALIZATION OF BIOLOGY 1 Y E AR 2 Y E ARS 3 Y E ARS 4 Y E AR S 5 Y E AR S 6 Y E AR S 7 Y EAR S 8 Y EAR S 9 YEAR S 10 YEAR S Carbon sources, including lignin, syngas, Carbon sources, including fermentable sugars methane, methanol, formate and CO2 , in Carbon sources, including fermentable sugars derived from soft derived from soft and hard cellulose, at $0.40 addition to fermentable sugars, at $0.30 cellulose, at $0.50 per kilogram per kilogram per kilogram Consistently and reliably achieve Develop tools to scale-up fermenter productivity 10g/L-hr Operating process for an economically viable any bio-production process at steady state or following the bioreactor for gaseous feedstocks and/or products in six weeks growth in batch All bio-aqueous processes achieve 90% reuse of All bio-aqueous processes achieve 95% reuse All bio-aqueous processes achieve 80% reuse of process water process water of process water Integrated design toolchain for designing a Integrated design toolchain for designing Integrated design toolchain for designing a biomanufacturing biomanufacturing process at and below the an entire biomanufacturing process process at and below the level of an individual organism level of an individual biological reactor Ability to insert 1 megabase of wholly designed, synthetic DNA at an error rate of less than 1 in 100,000 base pairs, at cost $100, in one week Ability to design de novo enzymes with new catalytic activities with a high turnover rate Domestication of an additional 10 Domestication of 5 diverse industrially relevant microbial types and microbial types other than the ability to domesticate any microbial Achieve domestication of any established models type within 3 months microbial type within 6 weeks Suite of domesticated organisms and cell-free systems that can utilize diverse feedstocks and generate a range of products under various process conditions Ability to routinely measure nucleic acids, proteins and metabolites targeted to characterize 50 or more high priority, selectable model parameters for 2000 strains and measure 1000 or more parameters for 200 strains within one week at a cost no higher than the full cost of building those strains Ability to measure 50 or more high priority, selectable model parameters in vivo F EE DSTOC K A ND F E RME NTAT IO N DES IGN O R GA NIS M : O R GA NIS M: TEST AND P RE -PR OCESSIN G AND P RO CESSING TO O LC HAI N PATH WAY C H ASSI S MEASUR EMENT FIGURES S-1 and 5-1  Technical Roadmap to Enable the Industrialization of Biology.

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