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8 Social Sciences
Pages 121-132

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From page 123...
... In this view, economic development of the coastal areas cannot be sustained without the coal, oil, minerals, and other raw materials that are supplied by the west, whereas production in the more developed east will ultimately depend on inland markets. Meanwhile, narrowing the economic and social inequities between coastal and hinterland regions would reduce tensions between these regions and between the Han majority and the ethnic minorities concentrated in the west.
From page 125...
... 6. Survey of local community and family formation, Hailar, Inner Mongolia, four towns (1988~: This survey, a cooperative project with Professors Burton Pasternak of Hunter College and lanes Salafif of the University of Toronto, focuses on family formation, migration patterns, community education, division of household labor, ethnic relations, and economic development strategtes.
From page 126...
... 13. Community studies of four villages, Tibet (19903: This survey applies anthropological methods to study local economic organization, social networks, neighborhood formation, income and consumption, daily life, and religious activities in Tibetan agricultural, pastoral, and small-town communities.
From page 127...
... Han in-migration has increased population density, altered the ethnic structure of the local population, changed the economic activities of the local communities, and increased communications and economic exchanges between local communities and the Han regions of China proper. Second, the increase in Han population has affected Han-minority relations and hence local political stability.
From page 131...
... Ningxia Yanchixian zhisha kaolin fazhan xumuyc [Developing animal husbandry by desert control and fores: construction in Yanchi County, Ningxia3. He Yongqi (Economic Planning Office of Northeastern Region, State Council)

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