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9 Beijing
Pages 135-142

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From page 135...
... , and four other botanical journals. It also administers the Inner Mongolia Grassland Ecosystem Research Station in Xilingele, the Beijing Forest Ecosystem Research Statior~ in Beijing, and the "Project on Optimum Ecological Modeling of Grasslands in Northern China," and serves as the biological subcenter for the Chinese Ecological Research Network.
From page 136...
... Changling: Professor Li liandong of the Institute of Grassland Science, Northeast Normal University, will study the alkaline steppe of the Songnen Basin in lilin Province (Map 1-3~. As a result of poor irrigation and overgrazing, this tall grass steppe on the border between Jilin and Inner Mongolia is severely degraded.
From page 138...
... During the next several years, 10 "first-level" stations will be specially equipped to gather data, carry out analyses, share information, and establish standards and procedures that will eventually be adopted by a wider network of 30 stations. Included in this first level are Nero grassland stations, the Inner Mongolia Grassland Ecosystem Research Station in Xilingele, Inner Mongolia, and the Haibei Research Station of High-Cold Meadow Ecosystem in Qinghai.
From page 140...
... The division of grassland resources and animal husbandry ecology, under director Huang Wenxiu, has begun work on a national key project to study optimal patterns of animal husbandry in mountain areas, which will be funded under the Eighth Five-Year Plan (1991-95~. MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE, BUREAU OF ANIMAL HUSBANDRY, GRASSLAND DIVISION Chinese Zhor~gguo nor~g~ebu xz~m'4ju caoyechu Address Beijing 100026 Chief Li Yutang Telephone 500-3366, 500-3076 Fax 500-246s8 Telex 22233 MGR CN The Grassland Division of the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA)
From page 141...
... The Chinese Grasslands Association [Zhon~gguo caoye xiehuL, made up of various grassland producers, promotes trade, technology transfer, and other commercial activities. INSTITUTE OF ANIMAL SCIENCE, CHINESE ACADEMY OF AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES Chinese Zhongguo nonage kextzey~an jinx kexue yanjiz~so Address Malianwa, Haidian, Beijing Director Chen Youchun Telephone 258-1 177 Cable 3668 Beijing The Institute of Animal Science has a staff of 270, including 170 scientists, organized into nine research labs for feed crops and forage, animal breeding and germ plasm, animal genetics, animal reproduction, animal nutrition, swine science, poultry science, cattle science, and biotechnology.
From page 142...
... In the area of feed crops and forage, the institute is working on the improvement of hay production in Hubei Province, the breeding of saltresistant alfalfa, the breeding and use of toxic legumes, and the collection of forage grass germ plasm. REFERENCE Leach, Beryl.

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