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13 Xinjiang
Pages 175-180

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From page 175...
... . This institute, headed by director Xia Xuncheng, employs 287 persons, including 54 senior professors, organized into research groups for plant resources, plant physiology, plant ecology, zoology, microbiology, land resources, soil improvement, desert research, remote sensing, and biotechnology.
From page 176...
... FUKANG DESERT ECOSYSTEM OBSERVATION AND EXPERIMENT STATION, CHINESE ACADEMY OF SCIENCES Chinese name F~kang hz~ar~gmo sheng~ai xitor~g guance shiyan zhan Address c/o Xinjiang Institute of Biology, Pedology, Director Li Shugang an d P sammo logy, U rum qi The Fukang Desert Ecosystem Observation and Experiment Station, a branch of the Institute of Biology, Pedology, and Psammology, was established in 1987.
From page 177...
... Conversely, the building of the hydropower dam lowered the level of the Tianchi, reducing the water available to vegetate the system, particularly in the desert. The discovery of oil east of Fukang has been a welcome addition to the regional energy supply, but construction of a new city to develop and manage the oil fields has put further pressure on water resources.
From page 178...
... Scholars at Fukang have begun to study nutrient and energy cycling in the desert oasis ecosystem, build models for rangeland agriculture, construct artificial grasslands, and develop other grassland improvement techniques. XINJIANG AUGUST 1ST AGRICULTURAL COLLEGE Chinese name xinjiang bayi non~cz4eyzzarz Address 42 Nanchang Road, Urumqi 830052 President Xu Peng Telephone (5 14)
From page 179...
... . The available hardware, a Microvax-2, is suitable, although there is a shortage of processing software.

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