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Supplementary Plates for Chapter 2
Pages 85-88

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From page 85...
... Closed circles represent red signals from c-H-abl (ABL probe) and open circles represent green signals from PEM12 (BCR probe)
From page 86...
... PLATE 2 Leukemic cells from a patient with CLL hybridized with an oc-satellite probe for the centromere of chromosome 12. Both cells show three signals indicating trisomy 12.
From page 87...
... After DNA was prepared from the tumors, six tumors representative of each clinical stage were grouped for electrophoresis, blotted, and hybridized with the pNB-1 probe for MYCN. The proportion with MYCN amplification was similar to the proportion in the total 89 tumors tested.
From page 88...
... Southern blot analyses show the 12.5-kb ERBB2 band seen with Eco RI cut DNA. Northern blot analyses show the 4.5-kb ERBB2 transcript.

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