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Sharing Research Data (1985) / Chapter Skim
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Costs of Data Sharing
Pages 15-17

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From page 15...
... In early computer technology, technical factors sometimes consitituted nearly insurrnountable barriers to transfemng data from one computer to another. Now, however, difficulties encountered in transferring data are largely due to the practices of data collectors and processors rather than to technical factors.
From page 16...
... Researchers keep die details of data collection, variable construction, and particular quirks of the data in their memories and do not put them in writing. Data collectors sometimes prefer data preparation and documentation practices with which they are familiar, al~ough these practices may be at odds win accepted standards.
From page 17...
... And researchers know that those who reanalyze data will be able to publish only if the reanalysis contradicts or goes beyond the original work. Researchers may be concerned about the qualifications of investigators requesting data and fear that poor reanalysis may require burdensome rebuttal or reflect adversely on original research.

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