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From page 287...
... As a result, and also because of rounding errors, the totals below may not add up to 100. Do you currently have health care coverage through either a health insurance plan, a health maintenance organization, or a government program?
From page 288...
... Prospective employer did not offer health benefits You or someone in your family had a medical condition the prospective employer's health plan did not cover Health benefits provided less coverage than you or a family member had previously The prospective employer's health plan cost too much None of these 26% 9 24 19 20 For your own health care and that of your family, which of the following is your biggest concern? (December 1991 survey)
From page 289...
... Your experiencing unreasonable hassle or delays in obtaining health care services? 17 Your being required to receive health care services from a physician you would not have otherwise chosen?
From page 290...
... Doctor moved/closed practice/retired Respondent moved Respondent changed jobs Health plan required change/employer changed plan Selected another health plan from employer Other 26 15 15 17 4 24
From page 291...
... Employer Individual Government All the same 10% 55 32 Which of the following groups do you think is in the best position to influence the cost of health care? (December 1991 survey)
From page 292...
... (Gallup poll for CNN and USA Today, January 28, 1992) Reform of our current private health care system Government-sponsored national health insurance 64% 30

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