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Appendix B
Pages 185-188

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From page 185...
... Currently he is on leave as a Loeb Fellow in Advanced Environmental Studies at Harvard University (1992-19931. On Cape Cod he has overseen the development of programs in strategic regional planning, ground water and marine resources protection, environmental design, geographic information systems, and land use control during the past eight years.
From page 186...
... His recent research and applications studies have concentrated on the movement of contaminants through the vadose zone, ground water contamination by pesticides and hazardous wastes, model validation issues and procedures, and the evaluation of control alternatives such as best management practices, conservation tillage, and remedial actions at waste sites.
From page 187...
... Mr. Teso's research endeavors have included field and laboratory investigations of techniques for monitoring pesticide residues in soil and drainage waters, and the development of soil survey, geographic coordinate, and well log databases and their applications to ground water contamination issues.
From page 188...
... Ms. Cicero has worked on a variety of studies at the WSTB, including ones on international soil and water research and development, wastewater management in coastal urban areas, techniques for assessing ground water vulnerability, and the environmental effects of the operations at Glen Canyon Dam on the lower Colorado River.

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