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Conclusions and Recommendations
Pages 61-66

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From page 61...
... The noneconomic studies focus almost exclusively on native Alaskans and the economics studies focus almost exclusively on macroanalyses of employment, income, and demographics. The program should be expanded to include social studies of nonnative Alaskans and economic studies that involve social cost analyses of of!
From page 62...
... can, however, recommend some basic goals for such a program, delineate some fundamental properties Hat the program must have, and describe a process by which a program can be developed by MMS in conjunction with the scientific community. RECOMMENDATIONS MMS needs to establish a national, comprehensive, credible socioeconom~cs studies program.
From page 63...
... A process to accomplish this would assess the agency's national and local information needs and Me ability of Me scientific community to supply the data. Then it will be possible to define specific national and local research agendas.
From page 64...
... spill or the presence of of} platforms might affect every resident of Bristol Bay or the Florida Keys, because He perceived quality of the environment is so central to people's economic and recreational activities there. With the broad considerations In hand, regional workshops or meetings between He appropriate MMS personnel, knowledgeable members of the scientific community, and members of the affected public should narrow the focus of the regional research agenda and allow priorities to be set.
From page 65...
... It is not clear whether this is due to the lack of a process for identifying appropriate projects by MMS or an inability of the scientific community to respond to MMS's requests. Recent social science research funded by MMS through the university initiatives in the Gulf of Mexico and Pacific regions are examples of a potentially effective funding mechanism.
From page 66...
... The Minerals Management Service must trust and use the socioeconomic information collected through the Environmental Studies Program, both to inform decision malting and to refine its research program. Other interested parties must trust and use the information as well, or it will have limited usefulness.

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