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10 Guidelines for the Responsible Conduct of Research
Pages 201-205

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From page 201...
... Part C Specific Research Policies and Practices
From page 203...
... This agreement applies to all individuals associated with the Institute in the conduct of research and utilizing the Tnstitute's resources. POLICY As the legal owner of the scientific record, the institute requires that all primary scientific data generated within its facilities and with its resources be accurately and faithfully recorded, responsibly maintained, and permanently retained.
From page 204...
... On leaving the Institute, the investigator is entitled to a copy of the notebooks, but not the original notebooks, which will be permanently retained by the Institute. The Institute president, or his appointed representatives, similarly will have ready and complete access to all notebooks currently in use or retained by the laboratory chief.
From page 205...
... An inventory record of notebooks issued to individuals will be maintained and, on leaving the Institute, the individual will be required to clear the record, either returning the notebooks or transferring responsibility to another individual.

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