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12 Policy for Recording and Preserving Scientific Data
Pages 226-228

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From page 226...
... Exceptions may be appropriate in certain circumstances in order to preserve privacy, to assure patent protection, or for similar reasons. Fabrication of data or selective reporting of data with the intent to mislead or deceive is an egregious departure from the expected norms NOTE: Dated November 3, 1991; reprinted with permission from the American Physical Society, Washington, D.C.
From page 227...
... It is an essential component of the scientific process. Peer review can serve its intended function only if the members of He scientific community are prepared to provide thorough, fair, and objective evaluations based on requisite expertise.
From page 228...
... It is not unethical to be wrong, provided errors are promptly acknowledged and corrected when they are detected. Professional integrity in the formulation, conduct, and reporting of physics activities reflects not only on the reputations of individual physicists and their organizations, but also on the image and credibility of the physics profession as perceived by scientific colleagues, government, and the public.

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