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Appendix J: Sample Contract for Teachers
Pages 205-210

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From page 205...
... shall be provided if its international flights are available Section II.C: The items to be provided in the housing facilities are specified, but individuals should be aware that these sometimes do not function properly and that electricity and water supplies are very erratic. Section II.D: Americans teaching in China should not expect to teach And be able to do a great deal of traveling.
From page 206...
... each month and provide him/her the benefits stipulated in the "Regulations Concerning the Living Conditions of Foreign Experts Working in Cultural and Educational Institutions." E Neither of the two parties shall terminate the contract ahead of time or alter it without mutual consent.
From page 207...
... ANNEX: Regulations Concerning the Living Conditions of Foreign Experts in Cultural and Educational Institutions I Salary A
From page 208...
... to come and remain in China. Party A shall provide Party B and his/her family with economy-class air return tickets from the airport nearest to the city where Party B is when he/she accepts the invitation from Party A (of Party B's permanent residence)
From page 209...
... 3. Medical care to be subsidized in accordance with China's medical system except for expenses incurred in registration, doctors' home visits, fitting false teeth, cleaning teeth, undergoing cosmetic surgery, buying spectacles, boarding in hospital, and nonmedical tonics.
From page 210...
... F Severance Pay Severance pay shall be granted to Party B when Party B leaves China at the end of his/her service, namely an additional half a month's salary for each full year's service.

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