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Appendix L: Approximate Costs of Hotel Rooms, Food, Internal Travel, Services, Clothing, and Medical Care, Fall 1993
Pages 214-219

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From page 214...
... 7! 1993 HOTEL RATES AND FOOD COSTS Beijing Landmark Hotel 21st Century Hotel Changsha Rong Yuan Hotel Food Hangzhou Provincial hotels Shanghai Yangtze Hotel US$40/night US$30/night US$35/night US$10/day US$40-50/night single: Y100/night double: Y150/night DORMITORIES AND FOREIGN EXPERT BUILDINGS Beijing Beijing University, Shaoyuan Lou (twin beds, TV, refrigerator, telephone, bathroom)
From page 215...
... Foreign visiting scholars Students Fuzhou Fuzhou Normal University, Foreign Experts' Building Single room, two beds Guangxi Guangxi Normal University Foreign Students' Building Double room Hangzhou Hangzhou University, Old Foreign Experts' Building Single room Shanghai Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Guesthouse Room with bathroom, TV, AC, refrigerator, phone, twin beds) Shanghai Conservatory of Music Single room with twin beds Double room Food Shashi Shashi Hospital Staff Housing Shared 3-room apartment Y1,025/month Y100/night Y10-15/day Y30-90 US$16/night US$8/night Y90/night US$12/night Y45/night Y74/night Y53/night Y28/night Y50/day Y2,000/month
From page 216...
... Beijing-Shanghai Chengdu-HongKong Hangzhou-Beijing Shanghai-Guangzhou T axis Calculated by distance and quality of car Yl-Y2/km Beijing: People's University to airport Shanghai: City center to outlying factory area Buses Y0.1-Y0.2/km Qinghai-Gansu Vans/Jeep~ Beijing Chengdu Bicycles Beijing SERVICES Banking Beijing: charge US$ on credit card (Visa)
From page 217...
... International Herald Tribune bath towel rabbit fur-lined gloves RESEARCH COSTS B· · ~ el) lng Peking University photocopying microfilm transcribing user fee microfilms rare books Y40 Y60 Y25 Y4 Y1 (10-pack)
From page 218...
... (large) Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences library card copying Y2.50-3.60/sheet Y3-10 Y0.5 (8.5"xll")
From page 219...
... (12"x16.5") photographing Tianjin Tianjin Municipal Archives copy fees, foreign scholars fuyin fee boohu fee liyong fee Xiamen Xiamen University copymg Y4/month YO.3/page Yl.3/page Y5/photo YO.5/page Y1 /file Y20-30/file YO.2-0.3/page

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