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'Vocational Interests and Plans'
Pages 59-61

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From page 59...
... Although 3 0 per cent of the group are , taking courses to prepare themselves for their chosen vocations, others are taking work entirely unrelated t� their vocational choices and have made no plans for acquiring the necessary skills. For ex­ ample, one girl who is taking a course in industrial design hopes to be a typist.
From page 60...
... As a group, both aid and no-aid wearers appear to have no clear­ ly defined ideals or ambitions except those pertaining to vocations. Among the ambitions that were mentioned were owning an auto­ mobile, and marrying a normal-hearing girl on a higher social level than the subject.
From page 61...
... The educational and guidance activities were also considered in relation to their effectiveness in enabling a child to use an aid to best advantage. The subjects were thirty-eight children who had been given hearing aids in connection with the National Research Council Study carried on by the subcommittee of the Committee on Problems of Deafness to investigate the value of individual hearing aids for hard-of-hearing children.

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