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Appendix B: Department of Pesticide Regulation Risk-Assessment Guidance Documents
Pages 44-49

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From page 44...
... DPR Risk Assessment Guidance – default uncertainty factors, NOEL and RfC (DPR 2011c, undergoing revision) Exposure-Assessment Guidance Guidance for the Preparation of Human Pesticide Exposure Assessment Documents (Thongsinthusak et al.
From page 45...
... Screening Level Air Concentration Estimates for Worker Health and Safety Exposure Analysis (Barry 2008b) Example Risk Assessments Chloropicrin Risk Characterization Document (RCD)
From page 46...
... HSM-01014. Memorandum to Gary Patterson, Chief, Medical Toxicology Branch, from Chuck Andrews, Chief, Worker Health and Safety Branch, Department of Pesticide Regulation, California Environmental Protection Agency, Sacramento, CA.
From page 47...
... Environmental Fate Review and Exposure Assessment. Department of Pesticide Regulation, California Environmental Protection Agency.
From page 48...
... EPA/630/ P-03/001F. Risk Assessment Forum, US Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC.
From page 49...
... HS-1612. Department of Pesticide Regulation, California Environmen tal Protection Agency, Sacramento, CA [online]

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