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8 Opportunities for Action
Pages 295-298

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From page 295...
... " Although changes in cognitive function vary widely among individuals, actions that would make a difference and promote cognitive health are summarized in Box 8-1 and detailed throughout the discussion and recommendations in this report. Cognitive aging is not just an individual or family or health care system challenge -- it is an issue that affects the fabric of society and requires actions by many and varied stakeholders.
From page 296...
... Individuals and families: •  e physically active and intellectually and socially engaged, monitor medi B cations, and engage in healthy lifestyles and behavior; •  alk with health care professionals about cognitive aging concerns; T •  e aware of the potential for financial fraud and abuse, impaired driving B skills, and poor consumer decision making; •  ake health, finance, and consumer decisions based on reliable evidence M from trusted sources. Communities, community organizations, senior centers, residential facilities, housing and transportation planners, local governments: •  rovide opportunities for physical activity, social and intellectual engage P ment, lifelong learning, and education on cognitive aging; expand relevant programs and facilities; • mprove walkability and public transportation options in neighborhoods, I communities, and cities.
From page 297...
... Policy makers, regulators, and consumer advocacy and support organizations: •  upport the resources needed to understand and address cognitive aging; S •  etermine (or provide input into the appropriate regulatory review) policies D and guidelines for products, medications, and other interventions that claim to enhance cognitive function or that have a negative impact on cognition; •  evelop, validate, and disseminate policies, products, services, and infor D mational materials focused on cognitive aging and addressing potential financial, health, and safety impacts, harms, and vulnerabilities.

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