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Appendix C: Registered Attendees
Pages 89-92

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... C Chen Keck School of Medicine Richard Born Harvard University Marie-Francoise Chesselet University of California, Los Lizbet Boroughs Angeles American Psychiatric Association Dennis Choi Stony Brook University 89
From page 90...
... 90 DEVELOPING A 21st CENTURY NEUROSCIENCE WORKFORCE Allen Ego Cholakian Joan Ferrini-Mundy IRDF Project National Science Foundation Harvard/Columbia Mimi Ghim Anne Cleary National Institute on Drug National Science Foundation Abuse Pascaline Clerc Lindsey Grandison Humane Society of the United National Institute on Alcohol States Abuse and Alcoholism Mark Cohen Annette Gray University of California, Los New York University School Angeles of Medicine Alison Cole Alison Hall National Institute of General National Institute of General Medicine Medical Sciences Heather Dean Dean Hartley National Science Foundation Alzheimer's Association Jim Deshler Chyren Hunter National Science Foundation National Institutes of Health Claude Desjardins Thomas Insel Johns Hopkins University National Institute of Mental Health Nancy Desmond National Institutes of Health Michelle Jones-London National Institute of Sam Enna Neurological Disorders and University of Kansas Medical Stroke Center Sofia Jurgensen Greg Farber Albert Einstein College of National Institutes of Health Medicine Howard Federoff Kristen Keefe Georgetown University University of Utah
From page 91...
... APPENDIX C 91 Darcy Kelley John Morrison Columbia University Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Stephen Korn National Institutes of Health Barbara Myklebust Self-Employed Walter Koroshetz National Institute of Libby O'Hare Neurological Disorders and National Research Council Stroke Atul Pande Story Landis Verity BioConsulting National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Diana Pankevich Stroke (retired) American Association for the Advancement of Science Diane Lipscombe Science & Technology Brown University Policy Fellow Brian Litt Ian Paul University of Pennsylvania University of Mississippi Eve Marder Katherine Prater Brandeis University University of Michigan Maryann Martone Indira Raman University of California, San Northwestern University Diego Anthony Ricci Carol Mason Stanford University School of Columbia University Medicine Marguerite Matthews Alberto Rivera-Rentas Oregon Health & Science National Institutes of Health University Erica Rosemond Richard Mohs National Institute of Mental Eli Lilly and Company Health
From page 92...
... 92 DEVELOPING A 21st CENTURY NEUROSCIENCE WORKFORCE Jane Roskams Oswald Steward Allen Institute for Brain University of California, Irvine, Science School of Medicine Philip Rubin Kemi Tomobi White House Office of Student National Medical Science & Technology Association Policy Richard Tsien Alexander Runko New York University Department of Health and Langone Medical Center Human Services Lauren Ullrich Erik Runko Society for Neuroscience National Science Foundation Andre van der Merwe Georgia Sambunaris National Institutes of Health Independent Consultant Douglas Weber Justin Sanchez Defense Advanced Research Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Projects Agency Susan Weiss Allen Segal National Institute on Drug Society for Neuroscience Abuse Terry Sejnowski John Williams Salk Institute for Biological Wellcome Trust Studies Frank Yocca Michael Springer AstraZeneca Neuroscience Harvard Medical School Robin Ann Yurk Michael Steinmetz Independent Physician National Eye Institute Stevin Zorn Laurie Stepanek Lundbeck Research USA National Science Foundation

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