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2 Setting the Stage
Pages 5-8

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... Bement, Jr., director emeritus of the Global Policy Research and Global Affairs Office at Purdue University, opened the workshop with a reminder of the national importance of innovation, quoting President Obama in a 2009 speech on the economy1: 1   These remarks are cited in the report A Strategy for American Innovation: Driving Toward Sustainable Growth and Quality Jobs (National Economic Council, 2009) ; available at eop/nec/StrategyforAmericanInnovation.
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... Inputs entail courses and modules on business, entrepreneurship, communications, law, creativity, and innovation provided through degree programs, experiential education, industry mentors, partnerships, and internships. Mentoring, counseling, and consulting services that facilitate innovation and entrepreneurship are necessary CIE responsibilities; in fact, Mote cited mentoring as absolutely critical, and good mentors and access to them integral for the successful implementation of this vision.
From page 7...
... Based on his experience, he offered specific recommendations for a university-based center for innovation and entrepreneurship: • It should be a point of contact for I&E education, tech commercialization, and venture creation, with a convenient, central location on campus. Incorporat ing existing university services, the CIE should build and support a culture of I&E, with, for example, the capacity for licensing and "prospecting." Centrally­ i ­ ntegrated services, where possible, will minimize redundancy, enhance quality, and, most importantly, increase access.
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... Established programs such as the NSF Innovation Corps (I-Corps) program and NAE Grand Challenge Scholars Program can serve as models.

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